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The Riley Brothers 1941 Sterling Diner

Diners are the showpieces of the 1940's, 50's and 60's. Today they bring people back in time. The Riley Brothers Bought this small diner from the Sterling manufacturing Company in 1941. It was placed in Lynn MA and operated under the name of the Riley Bros Diner. They were famous for their chicken pot pies. Lynn as a whole changed over the years and the Riley Brothers went out of business. The Diner saw a dismal fate after being turned into a balloon shop. In 2007 the historic building was scheduled for demolition. They were basically willing to give the diner away as long as someone was willing to move it. Two days before demolition Neil purchased the building and saved it from destruction.

During delivery, the Diner made the news and actually had news helicopters following it out of Lynn! When It finally arrived at Silver Lake it laid an absolute mess. There was basically no back wall as the diner had been ripped out of the kitchen addition that resided on the back of the diner structure. It basically came with three walls and a gorgeous pink porcelain ceiling. Over a period of two years Neil and Peter Wing restored the interior of this building.

 After the refurbishment was complete, this diner was open as an ice cream stand for two operating seasons. Unfortunately this ice cream operation was too involved for an all volunteer organization so the decision was made to make this a static display museum piece, however we welcome guests of the railroad to sit down, enjoy the atmosphere complete with rock n' roll and enjoy your picnic lunch. Self serve treats are available for purchase in the railroad depot.

Neil hand built the tables and booths, The stands for the table and stools are replicas of the originals. This building is literally like walking through a time machine!

The beautiful pink porcelain ceiling is the party piece of this Sterling Diner!

 From the beauty of the booths and bar, to the rock n' roll music and diner era memorabilia, this is a very special place!



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