Family Photo Shoot Family Photo Shoot 182333254 182333255 182333256 182333257 182333258 182333259 182333260 182333261 182333262 182333263 182333264 182333265 182333266 182333267 182333268 182333270 182333271 182333272 182333273 182333274 182333275 182333276 182333277 182333279 HOT Blancpain replica watches at The Replica Blancpain (ref. 5015-1130-71) Fifty Fathoms was the initial modern dive watch. Yes, you read that correctly. While many people would instinctively give this title up to the more well-known Rolex Submariner, the Fifty Fathoms actually debuted a number of innovations 12 months before the Submariner. Even though the first commerical Fifty Fathoms was already released in 1953, the story goes slightly further back than that. Captain Robert Maloubier and Lieutenant Claude Riffaud, commanders of the French Combat Diving School, would look for a goal-built watch to get about the wrist of the most extremely elite dive soldiers in the world and couldn't find almost anything to suit their needs. Remember, at this time there were no dive computers plus a watch was absolutely necessary for ensuring both personal safety and coordinated timing during difficult missions. They drew up some requirements due to this ideal watch and shopped it around to be able to companies, but none planned to invest in whatever they saw as a specialized niche. Luckily, Blancpain CEO Jean-Jacques Fiechter was an avid diver and thought i would team up with the commanders to create the timepiece they needed. 190738236 182333280 182333281 182333282