The Completed Washout The Completed Washout 110 Yards of Fill The 60 foot long washout. 108649888 Comparison Shot You can see how small our A6 is in comparison to teh washout. 108649889 The Culprit Culvert The culvert that had been filled with a dam. The State has come down and cleared it out. Mesh has been placed to help the problem. 108649890 Comparison Shot Another image to compare the A6 to the Washout 108649891 The Culvert More Washout photos 108649892 Side View Another Comparison. 108649893 The Culvert The other site of the culprit culvert. Operations Manager Bruce Stuart looks over the massive washout. 108649894 The dirty railhead. 108649895 hublot watches at This is the overview of what was the most well liked watch of 2013. It certainly was based on internet buzz, and when we first laid face to face the Omega Speedmaster Negative side From the Moon (ref. 311. earlier as year we knew it turned out usually big. Finally, aBlogtoWatch gives a full, hands-on overview of the famous all-black ceramic version on the new Speedmaster Co-Axial Chronograph which we're proud to supply as our first watch overview of 2014. The Dark Side In the Moon feels a lot more than a ceramic version from the modern Speedmaster. Omega has cleverly been able to make one more model which really is like greater than the sum of the its parts, in case you appear for the minor details you'll realize that this may not be yet another black ceramic-cased timepiece. It combines a brief history and mystique from the Speedmaster collection, having a useful material, and also satisfying design that may be both masculine, and merely plain cool. What do you obtain if you upgrade on the list of world's most iconic sport watches in to a cult item? You obtain the Speedmaster Down side Of The Moon. 189641071